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Water Resources...

A single raindrop falling from the sky, trickling to the ground.

By itself, a raindrop might not have much impact.

But put together millions of raindrops and suddenly you have the source for what will eventually become a cool drink of water, a cleansing bath, a powerful force.

Enough raindrops and you have enough water. Enough water and you have the essence of life. Water is life.

ININ employees are caretakers of this natural resource and are privileged to provide our customers with high-quality water and other water-related services.


Assessment of Ground Water quantities in river basin, Determination of sustainable yield, Economics of use for irrigation and domestic purposes, water rights , transfer of water rights, Legalities involved etc.

Consultancy for water supply schemes for Industrial/domestic use, Water Purification for drinking purposes etc.

ININ s the expert of choice when it comes to water resources projects.

Our extraordinarily skilled team is relied upon by water management districts, county water authorities, municipalities, and other state and federal agencies.

We have successfully provided services including eco-restoration, TMDL development and design, comprehensive watershed management, GIS support, hydrodynamic modeling, and biological assessments, to name a few.

Eco Restoration

Professional wetland scientists, biologists, hydroecologists, and certified floodplain managers are a few of the experts on the ININ team who have performed countless eco-restoration projects.

Our project experiences have included wetland creation and restoration, sawgrass marsh restoration, shoreline stabilization, and creek and stream restoration.

Our clients entrust ININ with their most sensitive ecosystem challenges and high-profile projects.


ININ Engineers & Scientists, Inc. has a keen understanding of the important topics that resound through our environmentally sensitive public.

We are proud to offer our clients an Ecological & Environmental Services Team of registered and certified individuals with advanced degrees in environmental engineering and science.

OUR professionals bring an abundance of expertise in hydrology, ecology, limnology, fluvial geomorphology, soil science, toxicology, geology and environmental statistics.

Geographic Information Systems

As one of our most multifaceted teams, ININ's Geographic Information System (GIS) Services Team provides extensive technical support to all of our other service areas.

Led by a certified GIS professional, our group consists of individuals with advanced degrees in biology, geosciences and environmental science, whose combined GIS experience spans 35 years.

Our team’s specializations include global positioning; ecological site evaluations; ground water, water distribution, and water quality modeling; remote sensing; and programming of preprocessors and application tools.

Modeling/TMDL/Watershed Mgmt

As pioneers in the state of Florida in the area of TMDL development and design, our team is one of only three consultants providing comprehensive TMDL services to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. As a result of that proven expertise, many other clients have counted on ININ to lead their efforts in the TMDL arena.

In addition, our world-class modelers are proficient in more than 100 modeling codes, which they have applied in a number of applications including integrated surface and groundwater modeling.


In-house, multi-disciplinary expertise enables ININ to offer comprehensive coastal erosion services.

Our team is skilled at evaluating environmental processes, hydrodynamics, sediment processes, seasonal meteorological trends, coastal geology and social and political conditions surrounding your project.

We analyze the symptoms taking place to define the problem and design the best solution for your project.

Our team can deliver effective solutions to accomplish the goals of your coastal engineering project.

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